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Full Resin

Full Resin

GDR331 Premium Performance Resin is designed to produce dark, durable images on a wide range of media substrates including polyester, polypropylene and vinyl. It's heat-resistant formulation is specially manufactured on anti-static backcoating to extend print-head life and provide quality scratch-resistant/solvent-resistant images at low temperature settings.

Ribbon Specification

Carrier PET Film
Base Film Thickness 4.5μm±0.1μm
Color Black
Ink Thickness 1.7μm±0.2μm
Ink Melting Point 110℃/230℉
Reflection Optical Density ≧1.8
Printing Speed Up to 6 ips
Backcoating Extend print head life to 3,000,000 linear inches
Chamber Test 60℃/140℉ for 30 hours, no blocking observed

 Performance characteristics

Super durability

Very high resistance to solvent and other chemicals

Working at very harsh environment

Good for synthetic substrates

Up to 60℃/140℉ heat resistance

Superior back coating extends print life to 3+ million linear inches